CC assignemts question - Ableton live map layouts

Hello dear Forum,

I am quite new using the Morph, please excuse my rather beginners questions yet I am looking for some solutions.
I am using the mappings for ableton live and do have some issues:


The standard CC assignment of MPE for the Y-axis is CC74.
The controller number of the map layout for the Y-axis of the live-template is CC1.
Is there a specific reason for that?

Even if there may be some (or more) uses in Live for that there are many synths expecting CC74.

Is there a more easy way of re-mapping the CC value of the map - like some form of batch re-assignmet of the map layouts? Haven’t seen this so far.

The “.senselmap”-files are in text format. So it could be a way of digging into these files to re-assign parameters of the map layouts. Yet: Is there some explanation of the “.senselmap”-format?

The x-axis of the map layouts for ableton live are assigned to pitch bend.
Yet I do have some synths working with/for MPE but do not seem to handle the pitch bend information.
What would be another good CC number for the x-axis? As the pitch bend handles the values it transmits in another way than “normal” CC parameters - is there something to consider when remapping this parameter?

As it seems it is a good way to work with different CC parameters for the y-axis for the overlays - depending of how you are going to use the morph in ableton live.
Yet: To get different CC parameters assigned you need to switch the map layouts (and transmit it again to the morph). This seems not to be possible while the morph is connected to Ableton Live.
Is there a work around for that to switch map layouts “on-the-fly”?

Hope you all had a good start into the new year!

1 - the script is for Ableton live 10, which does not work with MPE. However many devices (Sampler, wavetable) and plugins make it easy to map the Mod Wheel (CC 1) to parameters. This makes it easy to use the vertical gestures on the Morph in Ableton even though it is not polyphonic.

This video demonstrates some ways of “batch” reassigning with the hidden macros in the sensel app

I don’t have any documentation of the senselmap file, unfortunately.

2- The MPE synths are likely looking for bend on channels 2-16, and the map (and Live) will do everything on CHannel 1. If you are looking to do MPE in Live 10, it’s possible in a limited way:

3 - there is not a good way to switch map layouts on the fly. You might try some clever use of macros and enable/disable devices in live to acheive a similar result.

Hi Peter,

thanks for the explanations and video link.
Will check…

Hi folks! Tobi Hunke, Ableton Drummer has a free MIDI Blocker patch for MAX4Live.

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Peace, Amy