Sensel App CPU usage on Mac Mojave

Hi, I’ve noticed that my laptop fan goes on and stays on when I use the Sensel App, even after quitting the app. According to Activity Monitor, it’s because of a serialoscd process. Killing the process works to get the CPU back to normal.

Hey @eclectics, thanks for reporting this bug! Glad to hear you got it working back to normal.

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Eek, can’t remember the last time I used the Sensel App, but I installed the current version and I’m having the same thing on Mojave. I wondered what the heck was making my laptop fans run, and I see this app is by far consuming more CPU cycles than anything else I’m doing, even though I quit Sensel many hours ago. Quitting the app from activity monitor didn’t work, I had to force quit (from activity monitor).

Thanks for the heads up. This is on our list of known bugs and we’re definitely going to address. Appreciate the feedback