Sensel App crashes

I uninstalled an older version of the Sensel App, because it immediately crashed when I tried to open it, and installed the latest version. This crashes immediately, too.
Using Windows 10

Hello, sorry to hear the Sensel App is crashing. Is there any crash report that can be sent? If you continue to experience issues, I would recommend going to %appdata%/…/LocalLow/Sensel/SenselApp/ and moving all of the files out of this folder. This will remove all of the senselmap files. If the SenselApp opens again, you can try importing in any senselmaps you may want.

Hi Alex, there are crash reports, but I don’t see an e-mail address for technical support on the sensel website. Whom do I send them?
I removed all folders in C:\Users(me)\AppData\LocalLow\Sensel\SenselApp apart from the crash folder, but Sensel keeps crashing.

Matt from Sensel jumping in here. You can send them to Thanks!

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