[Solved] Morph + Deluge: polyphony?

I’m trying to control the Synthstrom Audible Deluge with the Morph. Everything works fine out of the box but the polyphony: it’s stuck on mono, even when the Deluge is set to polyphonic.

Any idea why it would do so? Could it come from the Morph or from the Deluge?

Asking the same question on Synthstrom’s forums :slightly_smiling_face:


No news on the Synthstrom forum yet. Maybe someone on Sensel’s side could look it up? :slight_smile:


Since the Deluge doesn’t support MPE yet, it’s my guess that you’ll need to convert all of the pads on the thunder to MIDI XYZ instead of MPE XYZ. My piano overlay works fine for polyphony.

Thanks for your answer @hintonation.
I converted every pad to MIDI note and it works like a charm.
Now (impatiently) waiting for the upcoming Deluge MPE update!

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