Tap Zone and Custom Touchpad

Hi there. Maybe a basic question but I just stumbled upon this hardware/software and it is potentially life-changing. I am looking for a completely customizable touchpad. I would like the size/shape of the touchpad to be customized. And, I would like to be able to customize zones within the touchpad. So if I touch the bottom right corner of it it will trigger a right-click, and if I touch a different corner it would trigger something else.

This is for someone with very limited use of their hands so another thing I want to be able to customize is which area of the device is active. Stated differently, I want to be able to rest my hand on top of the entire device and the part I am resting my hand on does not activate, but the part where my finger touches does activate/is the touchpad.

In short, with this device, the innovator layover, and some customization within the app, can you:

  1. Customize the size/shape of a touchpad
  2. Tap the touchpad to left click
  3. Create custom buttons for right-click etc. either within the touchpad or next to it
  4. Deactivate areas of the overall surface so that you can rest your hand on it without activating something
  5. Do all of this without programming skills but instead through the application

I think the answer to all of these is yes based on my research but I would really appreciate confirmation. I really appreciate any response. Thank you!

Hi there. Thank you so much for reaching out and for your interest.

All of the points you mentioned are possible except for the third, “Create custom buttons for right-click etc.” Unfortunately there is no right click control option. This is something we’d like to add in the future, but I cannot offer any timeline.

Thanks. I think we can overcome this by a simple remap. I could remap the F2 key to be a right click, that should work. Excited to try this out! Thanks.

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