Tips to (re)label a Sensel Overlays

What tips do people have for relabeling an Overlay?

I’m still playing around with a custom keymap for the video editing overlay in Reaper. I’m going through different iterations as I try it out when I have the need to run though different workflows. I tend to add/replace keys a bit. I swap key positions a lot.

Masking tape works fairly well. It’s easy to cut and label (I’ll probably dig out a fineliner for my next pass as markers bleed a lot). It sticks pretty well the first time I put it down. It doesn’t seem to affect button sensitivity. It’s easy to remove and leaves no mark.

But it doesn’t stick very well the second time, when I move them around. It doesn’t stick that well over a couple of day’s worth of heavy use. It’s a bit of pain cutting it from the roll as I don’t have a narrow enough roll.

Eventually, I could use a permanent pen on the overlay itself, once I’m happy with the layout and it hasn’t changed in a while. But until then, I need something temporary. And ideally, a little bit better than masking tape, if possible.

It’d also be interesting to hear about permanent relabeling ideas. Did markers work well, or did they smudge for you, for example?

I use a label maker for stuff around my home, would be ideal for something like that I’d think though I never tried it on the overlays.

For temporary swaps – use painters tape its sticky enough for most things and doesn’t have the residue and breakdown of issues of normal masking tape after longer periods of use.

I thought about a label maker. We have one at the office… but unfortunately working from home has cut that off as an option.

Interesting… I think I just learned that masking tape and painter’s tape are not the same thing…

Cheers for the tips.

Glad to help! Label makers are fairly cheap, I’ve had a basic one from Brother for 20 years still works great – an extremely useful tool to have at your disposal. Don’t get the embossing ones, just the normal print out ones.

One other approach for iterating that might be easier is to print out the overlay on paper and use that as your guide. You can put the video editor overlay underneath so the
Morph will load the VEO mapping. This can make the top surface a bit cleaner and easier to label.

Interesting, I never thought to stick an overlay underneath, here I thought I tried it all… :bulb:

Ah, that’s really interesting. Cheers for the tip Peter.

I did notice this about 1 day late though… I’ll have to remember to come back to this thread with pictures when I can…

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