Unexpected error when getting frame data

When I try to read data using senselReadSensor -> senselGetNumAvailableFrames -> senselGetFrame functions, I got the following error after a certain time:
[fd:3] select() timedout with no data, ret=0

Failed to receive ack from sensor

Error reading frame data.

Does anymore knows why ?

Hey @debiluz. Thanks for reaching out.

If your device is not accessed for 3 seconds in protocol mode then it will time out and need to be opened again.

Are the samples working for you?

Thanks @Matt_from_Sensel . In fact, it doesn’t happened immediately, often a few minutes after the program runs. And I use almost the same way of getting data as the samples, just add some algorithms for each frame I get. What do you mean by not accessed, I have a while loop always senselReadSensor -> senselGetAvailableFrames -> senselGetFrame, is that regarded as access the device?

The methods you describe here do count as access to the device. A few more questions that will help us get to the bottom of this:

  1. What operating system and language are you using?
  2. Does this occur when you run the samples?
  3. Are there any long delays in the additional algorithms you are running?

I’m using c++ on macOS. It doesn’t occur on the samples, since I haven’t run that for a long time. My program only has this problem sometimes, not very frequently. I guess there aren’t long delays in additional algorithms.

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