What does store your morph " flat and upright mean"

is that just the morph with an overlay attached stored on its edge upright? how is that “flat”,

what about overlays unattached??just flat? hard to store upright unless I keep it in the cardboard sleeve.

Some more info on that would be nice before this product goes to the boneyard

They mean flat as in horizontal, with the touchable side up. If it’s stored with the touchable side down for long periods, the surface may become a bit loose. The effect might be more pronounced on the earlier versions, I’m not sure. I’ve noticed this occasionally, but if you haven’t stored it touchable side down for too long, you can just store it touchable side up and the surface can go back to its original tightness. I store quite a few of mine in a vertical orientation (mounted in an enclosure), and haven’t noticed any looseness, so I think storing it flat with the touchable side down is the main orientation to avoid.


What Tim said. To expand on this, the Morph is best store with the black plastic perpendicular to the force of gravity! That is, flat on a table. The reason is that the main ingredient that provides force sensing is a resistive ink sandwiched between conductive surfaces. This ink is not a solid, so it could potentially flow from one place to another. This is a Very Long Term issue, though I can’t give you any figure for a timescale. Think of it like wearing a mask to avoid falling ill from airborne pathogens. If you didn’t do it, you are most likely not going to get ill, but if you do wear it, it reduces the risk to nearly zero.