Cover detaching

I’ve had no trouble with my morph over the last couple years but after about a week of sitting on my desk I noticed that the cover started separating from the board. I can get a bubble to form by pushing on the cover. It’s reduced to the accuracy enough that my morph is unusable. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix it? Given the price I’m disappointed.

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Hey Matt,

Sorry to hear about this. We’ve never come across a similar issue. Could you please email with some photos of the issue and we’ll take it from there?


Somehow the issue has gone away on its own. The slack that was in the touchpad cover is gone. I assumed when I first posted that the cover was supposed to be glued. I had left my morph upside down for a couple weeks so I probably won’t do that in the future. Keep up the good work!

I mentioned this to Sensel three years ago (to Aaron and Alex, perhaps before Matt was hired) when I noticed the issue, and storing it upside-down is indeed the cause. I haven’t noticed it since then, probably because I try to make sure I don’t store them upside down, and also because the surface goes back to normal when it’s not upside down - I’ve never had a surface that was permanently loose.


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Really glad to hear the problem resolved itself! You’re both correct, storing the Morph upside down can cause the FSM to bubble.