Wicki-Hayden Keyboard layout

(726.5 KB)Wicki-Hayden Keyboard Sensel Morph layout

Here’s a layout in the Wicki-Hayden isomorphic keyboard style, both plain MIDI and MPE, with files for printing at the correct size (trim to fit).

The LEFT slider is set to Modulation Wheel (CC1) and the RIGHT slider to Channel Volume (CC7) but you can change these as you wish.

The UP and DOWN buttons move the octave relative to the printed layout.

I’ve included both blank SVG and PNG files and ones with W-H note values, for making other isomorphic keyboard layouts. (You’ll need to change the note values on the printouts.)

My first Morphism!

Wicki-Hayden Keyboard Sensel Morph.zip


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Stuart.

Thanks, Matt! I’ve added All Notes Off CC 123 buttons in the empty spaces to the right and left of the Hex buttons to act as MIDI Panic buttons.

Wicki-Hayden Keyboard +NOTE OFF.senselmap (8.2 KB)


Wicki-Hayden #+b+OUTLINE Sensel Morph layout

Here’s v.1.1 with sharps and flats shown, plus prettier sliders on the printed overlay and areas for both All Notes Off (CC120) and All Sounds Off (123), all packed into a handy-dandy .zip archive:

Wicki-Hayden MPE Keyboard Sensel Morph v.1.1.zip (712.0 KB)

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Nice!!! This looks so great.

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