Will the Haptic Touchpad Touch solve the screen touch issue?

I am looking forward to the release of the Sensel’s Haptic Touchpad.
Can I assume it will be sold as a stand alone USB device?

Many people like myself with a touch monitor have a problem when using touch and the mouse simultaneously. When touching the touch monitor the mouse pointer jumps to the location of the touch. Let’s say my left hand is on a music application on the touch screen and with the right hand I touch the drop down menu to make a selection, the pointer jumps to the point of the touch. This disrupts to the workflow.

One solution may be is to have the mouse decoupled from the touch so that they work independently. Will the Sensel Haptic Touchpad be decoupled from the touch? The Wacom tablet is decoupled from the touch location.

Full description at this KVR Audio thread:

[Multi-touch finger touch and mouse pointer incompatibility! Weird!]Multi-touch finger touch and mouse pointer incompatibility! Weird! - Everything Else (Music related) Forum - KVR Audio

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