XYZ in the Art overlay

With the new firmware and app, I can set the side buttons of the Art overlay with MIDI commands, but not the touch space itself.
Is this a technical limit, or will it be also possible in a next update ?
I expected it to use it as a big XYZ MIDI controller.
Thanks !


Would be great.


Yes, we need this XYZ patch !!
With a rest point in the center or in the middle down.
With optional elastic function to have the parameters to zero in case of release.
Possible to play with the foot.
This would simply be the best foot controller, the musicians always have their hands taken.

I can confirm that this feature has been implemented and will be in the next release. Look forward to everyone trying it!

With multiple fingers tracking ?
I would be tooooooo nice !

Thank you very much. Now I have no excuse not to buy it. I’ve long dreamed of a real foot controller. I promise, I will play barefoot, or with socks;)