1010 Music Blackbox as USB MIDI host for Hydrasynth

Today I installed the 1.7.4 firmware beta on the Blackbox and thought I would see if I could get the it to work as a MIDI USB host going out to my Hydrasynth desktop. I had tried this before without success, but I stumbled upon some settings that seemed to work at least partially with the piano roll overlay using the MPE MIDI preset. Setting MIDI out to channel 2 and setting the keys MIDI in to 2 on the Blackbox transmits pitch bend from the Morph and MPE Y, but I had no luck transmitting Aftertouch to the Hydrasynth. So I’m wondering if anyone here has used the Blackbox as a MIDI USB host for another device and has noticed this as well. I tried both Mono/Channel and Polyphonic Aftertouch as the mod source and neither worked. My guess this is a limitation on the Blackbox (or perhaps they use a different MIDI cc for aftertouch). I’m wondering if anyone else here has had the same or different experiences.