12x6 Linnstrument/MPE Grid

At this moment you can’t have an arbitrary pitchbend range. Only multiples of an octave in millimeters. So 230mm is one, 460 is two and so on.

For me personally I don’t really mind the C to B as I’m never sliding that far. I think that a third is about the largest interval that I slide. You could double the pitch bend range so you can do a full octave in half of the width. But then hitting a new note or sliding is out of sync. Or you could edit my file and give it that 13th box :).


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Very impressive topic here. I just discovered it and am following with great interest. I can see both sides of the 13 vs 12 question. So nice to have the general flexibility to go either way / both ways!

I found a picture of the aforementioned optional C key, but I don’t understand it. (Note: I don’t have my Morph yet). Is this another sensor area on the side of the unit instead of the “top”, or is it an on-top key that isn’t necessarily a note, or what?


I think that the bottom of that B can be used as a C.

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@ybr @Progster that’s correct!

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@ybr Nice work! I am excited to try this too. I noticed your cut file has some additional ‘toolbar’ buttons up top. Do you have an updated senselmap file to go with it? Thanks!

Yeah even if there were multiple innovator overlay magnet versions, like Innovator A, Innovator B, etc that we could laser etch ourselves would be super helpful and allow for hot swapping between them.

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I actually didn’t make these yet. Also because some features are not yet implemented in the Sensel software. But by putting the image of the design file on top of the Sensel Map you should be able to add the features to the map.

Absolutely. We’ve received a lot of similar inquiries regarding magnet layouts recently so it’s definitely on our mounds.

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hi there…thanks so much for all this info!! I have a linnstrument and really look forward to using this template!!! thanks for all the work. I just ordered my morph. Does anyone have the template in the form that is needed to upload to PONOKO ?

I would be very interrested in this as well, i have been making due with a paper printed version under the designer overlay, and while it works great. Having tactile note edges would be awesome… really hope Sensel put out a grid overlay sometime soon!

That’s really nice, I also have this VST (and a real hang drum) and was also going down this route (with the innovators overlay) - Did you ever get this going/mapped with the VST? Care to share :wink:

I was thinking of putting a ‘tak’ (percussive tap) next to the dink but will see how the space goes!


Thanks a lot for this nice layout and a very interesting thread.
It’s great to be able to practice a bit with the 4th strings layout, definitely makes more sense to me than the regular piano layout.
How the laser cut sheet after a while? Still using it?

Yes it works well. Only issue is that I haven’t found something to semi permanently attach the sillicon overlay to the sillicon innovators overlay. Would also be nice if Sensel would release a way to use magnets so we can create our own overlays more easily.

Ok, thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, magnet config for custom designed overlays would be great…
I’m also crossing fingers for an official 4th row layout like this.
And in the meantime, I’m going to play expressive synthesizers :slight_smile:

This looks very interesting. I’ve been experimenting with 3d printing overlays using TPU filament on an Ender 3. Unfortunately the print area is a bit smaller than the Morph surface

Here’s an example. I use 5mm x 4mm magnets with blind holes to the base which is 2 x 0.2mm layers for a total of 0.4mm printed on a glass plate to get a mirror-smooth backing.

I can only mount with three magnets because adding a fourth causes the automatic overlay detection to trigger and the Morph then doesn’t recognise the inventory’s overlay. So I found a couple of strips of 0.5mm thick thermal silicone sheet underneath at the top gets the overlay to stick nicely

It’s about as flexible as standard silicone sheet and you get a nice textured top surface. A larger printer like the CR10 would easily print full-sized overlays of course.

Wow I can’t believe it!! I love you @ybr. I have been dreaming of this since the year 2014 as can be seen in this article I even wrote back at that time.
http://tactilemusicpad.surething.biz/2014/01/the-beginning-of-new-musical-instrument.html. At that time sensel.com didn’t even exist and I was looking at what was needed to create a touch pad device like the now available sensel morph just so I could create something like the linnstrument that I saw to be the future of how musical instruments should be. As you might see I never got as far as the dream at that time with my limited resources. But when I saw the sensel morph released I knew I had to have one that I might continue my dream. And now YOU @ybr have gone the next step to simulate the linnstrument. I just want to thank you and the sensel team in bringing my dreams to a reality if not at least close. I only wish you did is a bit sooner but better now than never. So I just want to show my interest and hope that the sensel team goes on to support this project with an added overlay at some point. I will put in some of my time to play with my new toy with what I already now have and try to feedback any input if I have anything to add. There are also a few other instruments like the linnstrument that at some point we might like to try simulate but for those we should start another thread. To other members who have not already commented in this forum, I suggest you just add your nod of support to this or any other 3rd party development you see as creative and constructive like this one to help motivate it to move to next level. OK Keep up the good work you all and THANKS again. If you ever come to Pattaya Thailand I’ll glad to buy you a beer in my appreciation.

an official linnstrument-style/4th strings isomorphic layout overlay would be a dream come true for me, making my own as a cheaper alternative to the linnstrument was the main reason why im interested in the morph, so i’d definitely be interested in an official overlay in the future

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Hey, just wondering if this type of grid layout allows for both bi-polar and uni-polar Y-axis modulation. And also if it is relative as opposed to absolute. On the linnstrument I found that bi-polar up/down modulation is a bit too sensitive, however uni-polar works well because you have the downwards are as a non modulation safety zone (because it’s relative from where you first touched it). So to not modulate you just make sure to keep it at or below where you first strike and then can modulate positively upwards (like a modwheel).
Can the sensel do that in this layout? Thannks in advance!

Yes, both possible, there is a “recenter cc” option as well as absolute/relative toggles for x and y individually.

Cool, so you can have relative and uni-polar? So wherever you first strike gives a 0 value for cc74 and it only increases upwards?

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