Any Reaper users using the video editing overlay?

Most people don’t know but Reaper is a great video editing app as well as a DAW. I’m having a little trouble setting my video editing overlay to use with it and was wondering if anybody has already made a map for it.

One of my summer holiday (counting down 10 days) hobby projects will be to map the video editing overlay to turn it into an audio editing jog wheel + hotkey overlay for Reaper. The jog wheel timeline controls I’d setup should probably be pretty standard… I think… I can’t remember what/if I changed any default keys in Reaper, the last time I was setting up a controller. Either way, I’ll try to remember to upload the mapping here (and maybe the Reaper keyconfig file). That should at least act as a time saving base for others to reconfigure.

(I was actually just looking though this forum for the same reason: to see if a default config already exits, that I could modify to account for my key config, rather than having to start from scratch)

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Thanks! That’ll be great help :slight_smile:I actually use Reaper for both audio AND video editing, it does everything I need :slight_smile:

We’d love to see this once it’s completed!

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