Final Cut Pro X Mapping for Video Editing Overlay

Hello all! Our friend Chris Mutch-Jones just released a new video tutorial on editing in Final Cut Pro X using our Video Editing Overlay. We highly recommend checking it out!

Chris was also kind enough to share his Final Cut Pro X starter mapping with us. You can find it here. I know many of you will find it useful! Please let us know if you add to it!

This was great! I also recently remapped the Video Editing Overlay for Final Cut Pro.

For the Video and Audio on the side of the shuttle, you can set them to increase or decrease the size of the clip in the browser (so you can show/hide video frames or audio waveforms). I don’t use it a lot, but it lets me use the mapping as labeled.
Video -> Windows-shift-equals/minus
Audio -> Ctrl-alt-up/down

I also added the Windows button to the upper bar (Save-Undo-etc) so I didn’t have to press command to use them.