Different Video Editing Overlaya

Apparently there are two different VEO’s. You can see them both in various pics on the web site. However there is only one mapping available. Naturally, I have the “other” one.

The package says there are mappings for FCPX, Resolve, and more. The only one I can find is Premier Pro, which is for the overlay I don’t have.

What the Hey?

Hey Marty, I replied to you via email but wanted to share the response here as well.

I’m sorry for the confusion here, but there is actually only one physical Video Editing Overlay, and it is natively mapped for Premiere Pro.

However, our customers have created custom mappings in the SenselApp for a wide range of software (which they have been kind enough to share), including Final Cut and Resolve.

You can import those mappings and customize them for your own use. Or, you could design your very own editor using our Overlay Designer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

HI Matt,
The VEO pictured on the web site (which I have) is quite different than the one imaged on the app and mapped for Premier.

Also, I would like to adapt this for audio editing on Studio One, which is similar enough that it should be easy. Studio One supports all midi devices and allows custom mapping. However none of the midi controls show up in Studio One. Why would this be?

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