Davinci Resolve mapping V1

I made a mapping for Davinci Resolve. This is the first beta version. Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1C8MZlWgtLwVYFGyiPvszNfdpTGNr7cNS

I transferred all standard functions that work in Premiere to Resolve. But I also made some changes:

Source = Swap timeline and source viewer
Tab = Media foders
Expand = inspector
Program = Inspector
Video = Cinema viewer
1 = Source viewer
2 = Primary workspace> Media
3 = Timeline
4 = Primary workspace> Edit
5 = Primary workspace> Fusion
6 = Effects
7 = Edit index
8 = Primary workspace> Deliver
9 = Inspector
Def trans = Add transition
Rate = Split clip
F Select = Snapping
Slide - Trim modeg
Slip = Dynamic trim mode
Select = Select clips backward on this track
Deselect = Select clips forward on this track

I would like to hear your comments or suggestions!

THANK YOU, MARC! We’ll send this around to some folks who have asked about it :slight_smile:

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