BrandonRico Simpson’s Video (BeatMaker 3, Overlay Overview…)

Thought this video by iPad musician and BeatMaker 3 specialist Brandon Rico Simpson had already been posted here but I’m not finding it.

Is it @brandon9271 or another Brandon R.?

He discusses each overlay and ways to setup BeatMaker 3.

Part of what struck me was the idea of using the Morph as a pedal. Honestly, hadn’t thought of that. I do have a MIDIexpression iO from Audiofront and a few pedals, so I can plug everything through MIDI (including Bluetooth). But that’s kind of a convoluted setup. Setting up a few large areas to serve as pedals (including expression) makes quite a bit of sense, especially when I’m playing a wind controller since my hands are busy and I’m not playing MPE during that time.

Wow, some good stuff here. Honestly I hadn’t considered putting the Morph on the floor and stepping on it… I know it’s rugged, but it still seems a mite extreme, even in bare feet. How do the Sensel folks feel about it? I mean, they say you can hit the Morph with drumsticks, but…

I’ve had kids beating with their fists on the Morphs in the Space Palette Pro, without using any overlay, and haven’t had any issues.


Thank you sir, and nice to see you once again.

Mark from Sensel here.

Thanks for sharing Enkerli. Yes, BrandonRico Simpson is making some fantastic videos showcasing using the Morph with an iPad. He just released another one showing how the Morph can be used for video editing on the iPad using LumaFusion.

Would love to see how you use your Morph as a pedal, if you have a chance to make a video.

Kind regards,

Mark from Sensel here.

Have at it! The Morph really is quite durable. You probably just make sure it’s on fairly flat surface before you put a lot of weight on it. =)

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