Foot/Hand/Dance Control With Morph

Have any of you experimented with Morph as a foot controller and if so what was your approach.

Working on an a/v project involving contemporary dance. Where gestures, postures, motion, biometric, environmental, proximity and other data will drive both the sound and visuals. I recently picked up 2 morphs I’m looking towards setting on the floor and acting as foot and hand controllers.

Starting with a real simply layout for testing (see below)… but in the meantime was curious how others may have approached this. Did you use the innovator overlay, no overlay or a custom overlay? I thought maybe some kind of textile over it might be one approach… maybe something on the thicker side like pieces of a soft rug.

I have used the drum overlay as a pedal controller in performance. I only needed one pedal as a trigger, so my needs were minimal. The setup was very robust, and traveled well.

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