Video of live looping using morph and other controllers

Hi there, I have an electronica / ambient project called “Packets for peace”, and I was particularly proud of the following video even if there may be some mistakes on audio cutting (I was attempting to loop audio instead of midi notes, that’s not ideal I found out). The morph is used in the second part of the video. Unfortunately it’s small and easily covered by the hands, I’m using the mix overlay to control sound parameters first, like pitch and distortion, using pressure and position on the “long bar”. Then I use the notes below, and still can reach the fx with my fingers. That’s what I like of that overlay, I can do a lot with muscle memory.

Link to video, if “URL signature expired” go to page, it’s the pinned post.
Please follow the page if you want more. I’m currently working on live visuals coded in html5, synced to midi.


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Thanks so much for sharing, Vincenzo. This is super cool.

URL signature expired

Apparently there’s a miscommunication between the forum and facebook videos, I changed the link and now it works (but the url is the same as before).