Sensel Morph and GeoShred on iOS/iPadOS

Has anyone had success using the Piano (or any other) overlay with the GeoShred Pro 5 app? I have the Morph connected via USB → USB Hub → iPad Pro via USB-C.

Morph MIDI is getting through to the GeoShred app as shown by a green dot at top left off the GS screen, but then a warning pops up in the centre of the GS screen. Clicking OK makes it go away, but any input from the Morph makes it come up again immediately with no effect on the GS keys.

Any ideas?

What is the warning?

I’m using GeoShred’s GeoFlute SWAM instrumen. The message reads:

Presets using the GeoSWAM instruments can be performed from the GeoShred Keyboard or MPE Controllers only.

Specifically, the SWAM parameter “Expression” must be controlled by the MPE Channel Pressure message.

Did you load an MPE map for the overlay you are using? What overlay are you using? If it is the piano overlay, you’ll need to attach your Morph to a windows or mac computer, open the Sensel App, and “add overlay” - select the Piano MPE and send it to the Morph.

Oops! Thanks, Peter. Piano MPE was the only overlay I hadn’t installed. (Blush!) Now to figure out whether GeoShred will light the notes the Morph is inputting. At the moment they’re playing, but not showing on the iPad screen.

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