Building libsensel for Bela (BeagleBoard) #15


Cross-posting the GitHub issue I just created (, as since there’s a lot of interest in music applications, people here might want to check out - an open source musical instrument design platform.

And I’m also not quite sure whether the forum or GitHub issues is preferred / more responsive!

I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything correctly on the Bela side, but I’m posting this issue there as well and will keep this thread updated (



Hello Jack, thank you for contacting us. I have responded at the GitHub issue with the fix and we will make sure to add a compiled ARM library in the near future. We prefer reporting issues with the API/Docs on GitHub so we can easily track issues but we attempt to be responsive on both.

Thanks @alex for the ARM builds!

I’ve now managed to port the Sensel API C Examples to Bela and have made a repo for those here:

I’m now looking forward to exploring more…

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