Compiling libsensel for arm64/aarch64

hello list

i’m wondering if anyone has the “nopressure” libsensel working on linux arm64/aarch64?

(i’m only compiling the library because while there is an armhf binary at sensel-api/sensel-install at master · sensel/sensel-api · GitHub there is not an arm64 binary)

the library compiles without error here, using both gcc and clang, and i can link to it, however senselGetDeviceList reports no devices.

(it does prints “Found device: ttyACM0”, but not “squirt0” or “morph0”, which it does for amd64)

does anyone have suggestions for looking into what is wrong?


Hey Rohan, thanks for reaching out. Our guess would be to install the rules file ( or run as sudo so that you have permission to open the Morph on the ttyACM0

Let us know if that helps!!

hello matt,

yes, that fixes things, it works perfectly now, thanks very kindly!

i wonder if that file could be added to the sensel-api directory and a note added to the README?

(i had installed the rules file on another (amd64) machine some time ago when trying to setup the sensel-app, but i hadn’t realised it was needed to connect to the sensel using the api, and i don’t think it’s mentioned in the sensel-api instructions, or i missed it…)

thanks again for quick reply,

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