‘Buttchain’ art installation from Red Paper Heart uses two Morphs to get to the bottom of blockchain

‘Buttchain’ art installation from Brooklyn studio Red Paper Heart uses two Morphs to get to the bottom of blockchain. Learn more in our latest blog post and let us know what you think here in the Sensel forum!


Excellent installation; obviously a good conceptual and marketing approach in using a title that sounds like blockchain in a blockchain-related artwork. While it wouldn’t be as cute, a hand-print would be more personal and provide more varied data - someone should explore that in a different installation.

Agreed on all counts, Tim! A hand-print could also be great.

I had to sit on this idea for a while, but I think it can be musically useful. Essentially, we’d need a custom piano bench. But, if your hands are occupied and you’re already using a foot controller, shifting your weight about seems like a logical next frontier.


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Super interesting idea. Essentially using your entire body (hands, feet, butt) for more and more levels of expression. Now we just have to think of some controls for the head…

Head bobbing for tap tempo seems pretty intuitive.

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