Can you insert something between a split track on Garageband?

Whenever I insert something between a split track on Apple Garageband, I need to drag and drop every bit back in order. Is there an automated way to do it, where I don’t need to waste so much time setting up things in order myself?

You can move the regions to different points on the same track. You can also move the region to another track but that needs to be of the same type. You can move an audio region to another audio track. The region moved will snap to the nearest position on the Tracks area grid.

As now I have been using windows, so I don’t have the privilege to use Garageband here. What can I do to run Garageband on my laptop?

Thanks @Felainum1977 , I will do it.
Garageband is MacOS app, SO you run it on windows pc, There are some third party applications such as Vmware or Virtual Box Application . Install them and after that Install Garageband on them virtually. I found this guide on internet where steps are well explained. Cheers!

Garageband Is Available for MAc Only ?

@adjessica it’s available for macOS and iOS devices!

Try FL Studio! It is much better then garageband app. Personally, I am Using the Same!

Try Audacity App. Garageband is Outdated Now.

Just found a tutorial on how to use Apple Music on Garageband. Seems well.

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