Can you recover deleted overlays? Is there a list of SenselApp keyboard shortcuts?

(Btw: I got my Morph yesterday, and it plays BEAUTIFULLY out of the box with the piano overlay and Arturia’s Analog collection. Congratulations Sensel, this thing’s touch response is fantastic!).

Anyway I’ve started laying out my isomorphic keyboard design in SenselApp on OSX Mojave, and it’s slow going. I’ve got 92 buttons to assign notes to. I was guessing that with careful use of drag-selecting, copy-pasting groups of notes with their parameters and configurations, it’d take a couple of minutes.

Then I realised none of those functions are available, and it looked like it’d take an hour: click on each pad, and click on the right note from a 128-item drop menu, 92 times. But then I discovered I can search the dropdown menus with my keyboard: if I type “F6” fast enough, it navigates the menu to F6. I’m glad that’s there, and I recommend that for anyone making an overlay with loads of buttons.

I became curious what other keyboard shortcuts there were. Does backspace delete a pad? Nope. How about Cmd-backspace?

Cmd-backspace deletes the entire overlay. Which I’d been editing for 20 minutes. No warning dialog and no undo, and it doesn’t seem to have put a file in my Trash, that I can see. Is there any way to recover that work?

I know that making visual-editing software is, like, a whole other project on top of the project of developing the Morph, so I’m okay with the fact that SenselApp is kind of buggy and has a somewhat clunky workflow. But the deleting-without-warning thing seems like an easy fix for the future?

Hey @Dtsenn, thanks so much for reaching out and for the kind words.

Bummer about the map being deleted. Unfortunately there is no way to recover it. Agreed that this is something we should address in the future with a a dialog or trash. This has been added to the queue.

My colleague @peter_sensel just created a quick video on making a 64 button grid that details some time savers. Check it out:

Also, maps are stored here.

Thanks again!

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