Is it possible to map one button to multiple keys


I guess I’m asking in regards to a instrument call the Kordbot, where basically you press what chord scale you want from a bank, and then press what key to play it in. It would be pretty cool if I could design something like that with the innovator Overlay. I’m just curios if its possible
Here’s a picture of what it looks like


Hm, don’t think that works out of the box with the current version of SenselApp(?)
The C/Python API would of course definitely allow this.
Or another option might be to configure the Morph via SenselApp to send e.g. different CC messages for each button area (so no note on/off at all in the first step). And then use e.g. MaxMSP (or your scriptable DAW of choice) to map this to the desired chord+key functionality.

No idea what the new version of SenselApp might bring though… :slight_smile:


Thank you for reaching out and we can definitely see the use of what you are describing. The full functionality is not in the SenselApp, but they could be replicated with MAX or a DAW, as you said. Additionally, one small item we do have is a toggle that allows you to automatically turn on a Major and Minor chord for MIDI (As seen on the Piano Overlay). If you haven’t found our guide, it lists most of the functionality of what is currently possible.