Can't connect with bluetooth

My computer supports bluetooth now, I can easily connect my phone or a bluetooth speaker to it by pairing them together.
However, it doesn’t pick up my Morph at all. Might be doing something wrong, or maybe it’s just not supported on Windows yet, but it doesn’t even appear in the device list when I scan for it.
What I tried:
As in the connection manual, I held the top button on my morph until the led light started pulsing blue, then I enabled bluetooth scan on my computer to decect it. Nothing comes up even after waiting a few minutes.
My phone does detect the morph, but it’s not a device I use or would use for music applications.

A Bluetooth device can only pair with one BT host. It looks like the Morph is paired with your 'phone. You have to unpair it to allow the Morph to connect to the computer. Go to Bluetooth in Settings on the 'phone and click Disconnect or Forget This Device to free it; then the computer should recognise it and allow BT pairing.

Nice try, but no.
I only tried connecting it to my phone AFTER it failed to detect on my computer. I did not even have bluetooth enabled on my phone before that, as I never use that for anything. It wasn’t paired to anything.

OK, fair 'nuff! Bluetooth can be a pain. Try Un-pairing it from your 'phone (Forget This Device in the device info screen), then turn Bluetooth on your computer off and on again and see if it detects the Morph.

Which computer OS are you using? (Helpful info if you’re asking for support. Windows sometimes needs a BT helper – I don’t do Windows).

I’ve done all that stuff before creating a thread. Standard troubleshooting, nothing really seems to help.
Tried it again just now, just to make sure, and it still doesn’t seem to work. It detects other devices, like my phone or a bluetooth speaker, just not the morph.
As to my OS, it’s windows 10. It’s up to date, and I did try re-installing bluetooth drivers too. Couldn’t find any other “helper” that would scan for devices, other than the Windows settings panel.

Bluetooth MIDI (BLE Midi) isn’t the same as normal Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing doesn’t do a thing for enabling BLE Midi. iOS and MacOS BLE Midi is pretty straightforward, Windows 10, not so much. You’re going to need an app or two. I would try to set it up and give a step by step but I don’t have a Win 10 machine to walk through it on. So … Google “Windows 10 BLE Midi”. You’ll find reference to LoopMIDI and MIDIBerry, both of which are needed. You’re on your own from there …

This one may help if you can make sense of it …

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