Problem with bluetooth connectivity

Hi I have just received my sensel, and after unpacking I have having trouble with bluetooth connectivty with my I phone X, is it normal ?. I am really worried.

Hey there Mariah!

  • Could you elaborate on what the problem is?
  • Does the Morph show up as an available Bluetooth device?
  • Can you successfully connect to it?
  • Does it function in any way when connected (keyboard, cursor, MIDI, etc)

Hi Galen, thankyou for your reply. I am really worried about it. Yes as you said it does show on the device but when I tap connect it just keeps loading. What should I do now ?

You may need to unpair and re-pair the connection. I think I ended up having to to it for my Morph a few times. Have you tried following the Unpair & Switch-pair instructions here?

Hi Galen I have done it all. I own many bluetooth devices so I guess I really know how a bluetooth connection works and how to pair them correctly, but now it seems like my one is faulty.

So just to confirm, you’ve specifically followed the instructions for forcing the Morph to reset its Bluetooth interface?

No I did not force anything to do things. I have just tried to connect it in an ordinary way. Just like I connect a wireless headphone or anything that is wireless.

The Morph unfortunately requires these steps occasionally, not like other Bluetooth devices.

Hi Galen, you are wonderful. I am really seeing some hope here now. If the process is different , then maybe I think it is possible that I was doing it in the wrong way. Please help me now.

You should try the following:

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Hi Galen, I love what you shared and it would have been helpful but unfortunately I got a faulty one. No matter what I do I just do nit think that anything will work. I do not know out of all the delivery I had to get the faulty one. I do nit think anyone has been this unfortunate like me. I had high hopes and was really excited for the product. The time when ai ordered this I though there would be lots of work that I would be able to do now. I thought I am putting my money on something that will help me, it would have helped me if the one that I got was ok. There is nothing to do now.