CC Button and CC Slider questions

I’m able to successfully set up CC Button and Slider controls but I’m wondering if there’s some functionality I’m missing.

  1. With CC buttons, is there a way to set the value that gets sent? It seems that they always send a value 127 for each press and a value of 0 upon release. As an example, I have a CC Button set up to send CC values for CC#61. When I press the button it sends a CC value of 127 to CC#61 and upon release it sends a CC value of 0 to CC#61. I would prefer to able to specify a number other than 127 for the press event.

  2. With CC sliders, is there a way to send a value of 0 upon slider release, similar to the value of 0 upon CC Button release?

  3. Is it possible to set an upper/lower bound for CC sliders? Example: rather than 0-127, could I set the low value minimum to 30 and the high value maximum to 90?

While I can’t help with the issue, I would like to tag onto it.

Re: item ‘2’, I would add that it would be nice to have the ‘initial touch’ (no matter where on the slider) be able to be set at some predetermined initial value so that you don’t get weird jumps when you initially touch the ribbon.

Completely agree with the requests for items ‘1’ and ‘3’.