Changelist and announcement of updates?

Is the Update forum dead? Also couldn’t find any changelist in the download/shop area, nor in github. Would be nice to know what has been changed or fixed. Would like to see this generally, but specifically, I’m talking about the recent update to the Ableton Live Setup. Looks like only the Live scripts were touched, so we don’t need to flash the Morph from the app?


Just to make sure I’m not missing anything, I re-applied the maps anyway. As it turns out, there also was a firmware update waiting for me.

Maybe it’s just me being a developer myself, but I would really appreciate some more info about the when and what of updates. Thanks!


I also would like to see the details of every update, including the Ableton Live scripts, included in the email notice as well as posted on the forum.

As far as I know I’m still waiting for a debilitating Bluetooth bug from back in May to be fixed…

“It’ll be in the next update”
“Keep an eye on the forum for updates”…

Still waiting :triumph:

It appeared their Director of Software was answering less posts, and their PR person was answering more. I had hoped that meant more work on bug fixes were happening. Not so sure anymore.