Charging while using Bluetooth?

Is there a way to use the Bluetooth interface while at the same time powering/charging the Morph with a charger? That way if I’m out and about I can use commonly available USB battery packs to keep the Morph up and running.

I would also love to have this functionality!

Thank you for contacting us. Currently there is not a way to use Bluetooth and charge at the same time, but we have added this feature request into our internal list.

Hmm… since that’s the case I suppose it’s unlikely the feature will be addressed this year then…

  1. Would it be correct to assume that the Morph firmware is closed-source? I happen to be an embedded developer professionally.

  2. Given what I’ve read elsewhere on the forum, is it true that when using the Developer Cable the Morph tries to charge itself from the source?

Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Yes, the firmware is closed-source. We do have an open-source API at for contacts/force frames.
  2. Yes, the Morph tries to charge itself from the source when the Developer’s Cable is used.
  1. Figured it didn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:
  2. Excellent. Then if I do end up tying in my own external Bluetooth solution I could use that feature to extend the Morph’s battery life :smiley:


Has there been any progress on this feature?