Morph battery power status and charge options

When I first get internal battery devices I want to know the charge level - to see if I need to charge it before use, and I can’t see how to tell this. There is some information about the led indicators on the sensel website but power charge doesn’t seem to be one of the functions of the top right light. So I have a few questions.

  • How can I tell when the Morph is charging?
  • How can I tell when the Morph has finished charging?
  • During use how can I tell the battery level?
  • Can I charge directly off of a wall USB charger?
  • If plugged into a wall charger can I still use the morph by bluetooth.
  • If pugged into a PC USB port and in use does it charge?
  • Does it charge when turned off?
  • How can I get an indication of the current battery capacity (10%, 50%, 100%) so I can gauge when I need to charge it before heading out for the day.

Thought: the white LED lights could light up in sequence to show the power level on load (seems to be 3 or 4 light points?) hen all flash to show the device is ready …or maybe a double click on the power button could trigger this battery indication.

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As of Morph firmware version 0.8, you can see whether the Morph has a charged battery or a low battery by pressing the button once. A green LED means that the Morph is charged. A red LED means that the morph has a low battery. The Morph will charge whenever plugged into a USB that provides power. We recommend using a computer USB port because wall chargers tend to vary in quality/characteristics.

Thank you for the suggestions on ways to provide more information about the battery level. We will evaluate the different options and I will follow up when an update is available that can provide this information.

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