Battery charging problem

Battery seems to take all day to charge from my laptop. Is this normal?

You don’t by chance have this enabled do you?

Slow Charge (iOS USB) - enable this to connect your Morph to an iPhone or iOS via USB. This lets you connect via USB without needing a powered USB hub. This is incredibly handy for simple connections. The downside to this is that your Morph will charge VERY slowly when connected to a computer.

I think it is normal as laptop usb ports do not give you the right power you need to charge it properly.

This can be it. I never knew there is an option like this, amazing. Normally charging with a laptop is a bit slow itself and with this option turned on it can take forever to charge the device. What was the reason behind give an option like this anyway I have no idea.

The reason for this option is to allow the Morph to work without external power on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) that don’t put out enough power over USB to run the device in the default mode. If you don’t use it with a USB connection to an iOS device, there’s no reason to turn it on.

I do use it with an iPad, so I appreciate the option. One thing I’ve not been able to discover is whether charging time is lengthened with this option if hooked up to an external charger and not to a PC. Guess I’m gonna have to do some tests.

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