Morph randomly unresponsive

Hi folks,

Wondering if you can help me with some odd behavior on my morph. When connected via USB the power led will come on white, then a second or so later the whole LED strip lights up then both fade out. The morph will then work for a few seconds or minutes, and then the LED patterns repeat. When the LED patterns repeat the midi connection is lost and the device is unresponsive. I’ve tried 3 different USB cables so I don’t think that’s it. I’m using OSX 10.11.6 and Max8.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Does this happen in bluetooth mode? I wonder if it is a problem with the USB connector on the Morph itself?

also - have you tried different USB ports on the computer? Want to rule that out too.

What’s the battery level of the Morph when you’ve had that happen?

Your Morph will die soon. I have experienced the same problem and I had to throw it away as I could not claim for warrenty. Did you accidentally drop it anyhow?. I have dropped it couple of times and after that this problem occurred and as I have dropped it I could not claim for a replacement. I have one thing to say, if dropping it couple of times make it like this then I have no other option as I will drop it again and again. Or maybe I am wrong, maybe there was a built in problem which showed up after sometimes.

Hi Galen, if the battery level is low does it make it unresponsive?.