Morph getting "kicked off" Windows

We recently had a user with a very obscure problem, for which we found a solution.
The Morph would work ok when plugged in via USB on the desktop computer running Windows. But every 20 seconds or so, the Morph LED bar would blink and stop working. Left to its own, this would happen on a regular cycle. The Morph worked fine on another computer.

After checking connections and trying different USB ports, it was determined that the LED pattern was the same as what happens when the Morph enters MIDI mode from serial Mode.
You can see this when you open the Sensel App, enter the visualizer (Morph goes into serial mode, no more MIDI), and then click on an overlay in the right menu (Morph goes into MIDI mode, exits serial).

This only happened when the Morph was plugged in before startup.

We deduced that what was happening was that a driver or service was checking all serial ports periodically by opening them, including the virtual COM port created by the Morph. So the only way to find the culprit was by disabling various startup items and seeing what changed.

Ultimately, it was determined that a service from this software:

called “PowerPanel Personal Service” and “PowerPanel Personal Service Monitor” in the services under msconfig were the culprit. These are related to a battery-powered surge protector.

Hope this saves someone a hassle.


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