Bluetooth midi problem

Hi guys! I have a problem with bt midi when I connect morph to power bank. Morph just go to wired mode and there is no way to make it work as bt midi device.

Hi @konkrete! There is not a way to use Bluetooth and charge your Morph at the same time. The battery should last for approximately 6 hours on a full charge, though!


I’d certainly like to have this feature as well.

It should be technically possible for the microcontroller to detect whether there’s a computer attached to the USB connection or not. If the Morph didn’t detect a USB computer connection when it detected USB power then with a firmware change it could keep the Bluetooth interface available. There’s obviously something in there that determines whether to enable the Bluetooth interface or not. Provided the Bluetooth MCU’s reset/enable line isn’t hardwired into the USB power signal then it should be able to add that feature to a future firmware update. Might even be a trivial alteration in the code.

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The biggest problem with bluetooth though is stuck notes in MPE mode. Would be nice if this could be fixed. At the moment I need to connect it even to an iPad via cable…

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Hi Matt! Thank you for your reply! For some reason I believe Galen, who added some info below. Don`t you think that such function as charging and working at the same time is the BASIC function of any wireless device in 2019? And such function have to be implemented BEFORE any extra and interesting stuff? Please tell if it is not possible at all.