Compatibility with Windows 8.1


I’m chomping at the bit: very excited to order the Morph. I just wanted to check re: any potential compatibility issues with Windows 8.1. I read the chart that Bluetooth won’t work - not an immediate issue for me. Any other Win 8.1 issues that I should know?


Just giving this a bump. Am I good to go with Windows 8.1? Thanks!

Hello, sorry for the delay, I didn’t see the topic in latest since it was uncategorized. We do have a Windows 7 and 8 driver to support those OSs and instructions can be found in our quick start guide at However, some users have experienced some errors upgrading firmware and maps with some versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.10 or later would be best for those functions, but MIDI, keyboard, mouse, ect should work as expected on Windows 8.1.

Thank, Alex. I’m planning on ordering a Morph soon. I’ll see how it goes with Win 8.1. I can upgrading to Win 10 if necessary, though I’m trying to avoid it as long as possible.

Off topic note: IMO, as long as you use a Start Menu/Shell replacement (ex Start8 by Stardock), Win 8.1 is the ideal version of Windows. It has all of the performance gains (boots in seconds, control of Updates) without all of the intrusive aspect of Win 10.

Using windows 8.1 would be a really bad idea. I know this is the the help you are asking for but I am saying this just to share what I have experienced. I also liked windows 8.1 more than 10 and used it for some time. The problem that I have faced is that I never got rid of problems, there are so much software issue that I had to move to 10.