Disable MPE modifier

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There have been many discussions on the forum about using multiple maps on one overlay. I would be a big fan of this functionality as it allows to more easily play around with different versions of an interface (major/minor scale, mpe/non mpe) kind of interfaces without having to upload new maps to the morph.

I can imagine that this will take some time to implement. In the meantime I would like to have a “disable MPE modifier”, similar to the disable pitchbend modifier. The difference would be that all midichannels will now be set to 1 (or another number). This would allow to more easily switch between playing a MPE daw like BitWig and a non-MPE daw like Ableton.


Not a bad idea…we do intend to implement a preset system for other overlays in the near future. In terms of release, I don’t think the toggle would be any faster than the preset system. We’ll add this to the suggestion queue.

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Alright! Hope one of these can be a functionality soon.

Good to hear this! Really looking forward to this release!!!:partying_face:

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