Extended Keyboard mapping


Since some apps (like 3d apps) recognize the keypad as a distinct controller from the rest of an extended ASCII keyboard, and I only find Num0, Num1, etc. instead of 1, 2, etc. as well in the keyboard mapping options, how can I differentiate these keys? Did I miss a custom setting?

For example, my software uses “Num1” (numpad 1) as the camera view and “1 (!)” (key above Q) as constraining the dragging of an object in the X axis.

Please help… thanks.


Thank you for contacting us. Yes, you can set the keyboard areas to keypads numbers. If you go into the Sensel App you can select 89-98 for keypad 1 to 0. Unfortunately they are not labeled in the latest SenselApp so we will make sure to add the label in a future version. To see a full list of the scan codes, you can find them at https://gist.github.com/MightyPork/6da26e382a7ad91b5496ee55fdc73db2.

Hope this, helps.