Extended Keyboard Macros (like URLs) for custom controllers


I wanted to use my Sensel as a 3D printed custom controller for my company’s data visualization software. Unfortunately, we’re not able to program buttons to issue custom macros like URLs, open desktop app, focus on, focus off, close window, etc.

Is this pending? I’d be happy with just multiple key mappings (like for a URL). I’d be double-ecstatic if we could issue system commands (like run desktop shortcut filename.exe).

Loving the product so far … just wish it could be used as a legit custom controller.


Hi, thank you for the feedback and we can definitely see your use case. For macros and more complex behaviors, we recommend programs like AutoHotkey (https://www.autohotkey.com/). You can then trigger the macros by using infrequently used scancodes (https://gist.github.com/MightyPork/6da26e382a7ad91b5496ee55fdc73db2) or MIDI (https://github.com/dannywarren/AutoHotkey-Midi).

We have avoided sending macros from the device itself because it could be a security concern and we want to make maps sharable and safe.

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Hi Alex. Are you aware of an “Autohotkey.com” for the Mac?



This seems like a good alternative:

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