Minor qwerty detail


I noticed a minor, cosmetic detail in the QWERTY maps as shown in the app.

The bottom row of QWERTY Win has this:
Ctrl Win Alt [ space ] Alt Ctrl
This is fine, and matches what is printed on my overlay.

QWERTY Mac has:
Ctrl Alt Win [ Space ] Win Alt
That is the right set of functions, but not exactly what the overlay says. It reads
control option cmd [ space ] cmd option

Since I’m being detail oriented, “Enter” could switch to “return” on the Mac layout, too.


Hello, thank you for contacting us. I can understand the confusion. QWERTY Win and QWERTY Mac maps change the scan codes to match the Overlay layout.

If you want the SenselApp to show Windows or Mac modifiers, just go into Morph-XXXX and change Keyboard Modifiers from Windows to macOS. This will keep all of the scan codes (same functionality) but will switch how they are represented in the SenselApp (matches what is on Overlay).

Thanks! I followed your instructions and it works as expected. For me, having this setting associated with the device, rather than the overlay map, is a bit counterintuitive. But, it is also entirely trivial.