Garage Band Command Keys Overlay

I am working with a visually impaired student who uses GarageBand with his iPad. I’m looking for any information if someone has created an overlay or adapted an existing one that uses all the Keyboard Commands for either the Mac version, or iPad version of GargageBand.

While using Keyboard commands to operate GB is one solutions…a one button for each command just seems easier?

Let me know and Thanks

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for reaching out. It’d be possible to make a macro board of this type using the Innovator’s Overlay, but simply 2D printing the design wouldn’t be ideal for a visually impaired student since it relies on controls that all feel the same.

One clever option would be to 3D print a sort of 8x8 lattice work that is mostly empty (the black would be 3D printed plastic). However, this would require a level of 3D printing know-how.

Curious to hear if the community has additional suggestions!


Thank you SO much for your response.

I’ve been working on this for a year…trying to figure out what makes the most sense for this student.

I’m even thinking of taking the QWERTKY overlay and reprogram the Keys from the APP with the SHORT CUT KEYS…is that even possible.

Again, thank you for your support

This is very cool as well…

I may look into this at school

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Hi Michael,

Of course! Reprograming the QWERTY keyboard with short cut keys is definitely a potential option as well. Keep us posted here. Would love to hear how it goes.