Feature Request - Channel Change MIDI Modifier

I’m sure this has been requested, but I would love to be able to quickly change the MIDI channel that notes are being sent to.

This could be implemented as a Morph MIDI Modifier called Set Channel.

Then when assigning a Midi note or CC, for channel, there could be a special option for “Channel Group”

Then whenever you change the MIDI channel, every note set to a Channel Group would now send on the new channel.

This would be incredibly useful when using the Sensel Morph to control external gear. I’m using the Morph to control a Synthstrom Deluge and a Elektron Digitone, each device allows for different instruments to be assigned to different MIDI channels.

Thanks for the feedback and great to hear this feature would be useful. We have added it to the internal list of requested features.

Hello there, totally agree with the channel change mode.
Also, would be great to be able to send the same data to 2 different midi channels so to switch from independent instruments to layered sounds coming from different machines.

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Thanks, Federico! Definitely including your feedback in our list of requested features.

+1000. I was really hoping this was possible with all the overlays. I really hope this makes it into the product soon.

I do not have my Sensel Morph yet but I plan to use it with the teenage engineering Op-Z, mostly for finger drumming with the Music Production overlay. I was looking in the SenselApp, trying to edit the overlays for my needs and… Yes! that is exactly what I was looking for, especially for the two horizontal sliders than I would like to affect to cut off and lfo amount but with no way to change the track (midi channel) they play with, it will be very frustrating…
However I was thinking in another way, if it can help… I can select a track in the Op-Z and in his guide the incoming midi table show a CC (102) as active track with a range 0-15 and track channel 0. Perhaps is it possible to add an “active channel” choice (and why not a “all channel” as we can sometime see on some device) in the channel box of the overlay editor?
Hope to see a way to achieve this soon!

PS.: I hope my english will be comprehensive enough and not to boring to read, I am from France and do not practice english a lot!

Just as an additional detail, when you do implement this, please make sure that switching channels doesn’t cause active notes to become “stuck”.

The easiest solution for this is “upon switching channels, immediately end all held notes”.

A nicer solution is “keep track of which channel each touch activated, and ensure that releasing that touch ends the note on that same channel.” (hopefully that isn’t too much extra work, as this is how you already handle “note off” events in MPE)

Either way is great. Just don’t rely on users to properly lift their hand off the pads before they switch channels.

Any update on this? Being able to change midi channel would really be a live (and life :smile: ) saver for me.

Thanks for following up. No updates at this time to share, but we will keep you posted!

No feature updates, no support, No midi channel selection ( on a midi controller ) and Stuck notes as a ‘feature’

I would advice taking your customers that paid 400/500 including templates seriously before customers will start returning their devices.
There is a 2 year consumer law warranty in Europe and i will send it back if this issue will not be resolved asap.

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Looking back through the forum, it seems like ‘thanks but no updates yet’ has been the answer for quite some time…

Not being able to change midi channel is very annoying and very limiting for a midi controller. I use this in a hardware set-up and I’m seriously considering sending it back because of this. I’m still in my 14-day money-back period of standard internet-shopping law.

If you could within 2 days guarantee me that this feature will be coming in the very near feature, I might consider keeping it.

I just shared this in the other thread and wanted to reiterate here as well. We’re still in the process of hiring additional software/firmware support that will allow us to address these bugs faster. It’s a competitive market but we hope to have someone on board within the next couple of months.

I know this is a very frustrating answer since we haven’t been able to give an exact date. We usually have a 30 day return window, but are happy to extend it indefinitely until the issue is fixed.

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Thanks for the fast response. How about open-sourcing the firmware? I’m a software engineer myself, maybe I can contribute this way?

Hey @yrn, thanks so much for the suggestion. We wish this was possible. Unfortunately we have too much propriety stuff in it for other project.

following this as I am eager to be able to have the ability to change the midi channel for actively for use with the op-z

I can’t believe there is still no response for this feature request. It is the most basic midi operation in the world that can be done with keyboards from the 80’s. For the keyboard overlay it is very limited not to have the option for changing the midi channel with one of the plenty of buttons available. Hope to this feature request will be attended one day…

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