Feature Request: Overlap zones

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to adapt the Morph to be usable for stenography.

I’m not the first, a search of steno brings up this project: Overlay Design: Stenotype

The problem that that project ran into, and that I’m running into, is the inability to send multiple controls with one finger.

On a stenotype, stenographers heavily rely on pressing the cracks in between the keys (see image here)

That is the “homerow” of the board. It is possible to press down in the cracks to send both keys, e.g. if you press the crack between “A” and “O”, you’d expect “A and O” to be sent at the same time.

The MIDI mode is a perfectly acceptable protocol for steno, expect for the inability to hit neighboring keys.

I was hoping that by making the key area overlap, that the presses would hit both, but it seems that only one zone registers.

My proposal would be this, rather than defining a new action that supports multiple key presses or MIDI notes, enable zone fall-through/key overlapping.

I’m really excited about the ability for the sensel to write at over 200WPM and I’m looking forward to designing and printing some custom overlays once this software kink can be worked out.


Appreciate this @Hashable! Love to see this creative use of the Morph. We will add it to our queue of feature requests.

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