Need more sensitivity for MIDI notes

Hey there, I’m still tinkering away trying to make stenography work with the Sensel. Here’s a little image of what I’ve been playing with:

In my last post, I outlined the need to send multiple MIDI keys with one blob.

Now, in playing with this prototype, I realized that the MIDI sensitivity is not quite low enough at the 0 level in the software. It would be awesome to have it truly detect touches as low as 5g, or as much as is necessary to get the visualizer detecting it.

I realize it’s possible to achieve this stuff using the API, but my understanding is that the API won’t work over Bluetooth which is a huge loss. The two changes I listed would make it possible to type on this device at 200WPM and would open the market to many stenographers and hobbyists – something I’m very excited about!


This is super cool, @Hashable!

Have you considered that you could construct the underside of your physical keys such that they focus pressure onto a fine(r) point? This might make touches easier to detect at lower pressures, regardless of using the API or not.

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