Overlay Design: Stenotype


I’ve made a Stenotype layout:

This is for a project I’m working on where I’m adapting Stenotype for musical live coding (https://github.com/jarmitage/stenophone). The layout it based on measurements of an actual mechanical Stenotype machine, the one depicted in the repository above. It’s currently mapped as a Keyboard but I want to experiment with combining keystrokes and gestures via MPE. Then I’m going to make different live coding mappings and 3D geometric layouts.

Here’s a screenshot from the editor:

And here’s the two side-by-side:

Here’s the map:
stenotype.senselmap (3.3 KB)


Thanks so much for sharing @jarm. That’s awesome! What a great application of the Morph

Please keep us posted on how the further developments go. We’d love to see it in action and share with others, if you don’t mind.