Overlay Design: Stenotype

I’ve made a Stenotype layout:

This is for a project I’m working on where I’m adapting Stenotype for musical live coding (https://github.com/jarmitage/stenophone). The layout it based on measurements of an actual mechanical Stenotype machine, the one depicted in the repository above. It’s currently mapped as a Keyboard but I want to experiment with combining keystrokes and gestures via MPE. Then I’m going to make different live coding mappings and 3D geometric layouts.

Here’s a screenshot from the editor:

And here’s the two side-by-side:

Here’s the map:
stenotype.senselmap (3.3 KB)


Thanks so much for sharing @jarm. That’s awesome! What a great application of the Morph

Please keep us posted on how the further developments go. We’d love to see it in action and share with others, if you don’t mind.

Hi @jarm, wanted to share this with you


Hi @Mark_from_Sensel, thanks for sharing. I think Ted Morin was also trying this out.

The problem for me is that I need key presses AND continuous MPE data from those zones simultaneously. Is this possible now in the designer tool?

You want a single control to send out multiple messages, is that right? No this is not currently possible. You would need to handle this in software, converting note data into keyboard letters.

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Thanks for clarifying @peter_sensel.

Is this idea of simultaneous outputs reasonable as a firmware feature request, or would it cause latency / throttling issues (for example)?