Firmware update failure

Windows 7 64 bit, Asus notebook G73Sw series
I just received my morph (had to resend it due to moving), and after going through the hoops of installing the drivers and the app, it would only allow me to update firmware to 0.6.22. It said that there was a new firmware update available so I clicked it again, and 0.6.22.
I tried the rebooting procedure of turning off the App, holding the power button for 8 seconds and then pressing it again, resulting in the white led strip flashing, and turning on the App again and try again. It didn’t work. I changed USB ports, and it didn’t work. I tried USB 3.0 and 2.0. The two attempts before my last attempt resulted in a blue screen of death…

I ended up clicking clear morph maps and then tried to update again, but now it is stuck in a “do not disconnect, updating firmware”. It has currently been plugged into USB 2.0 for several hours. The RGB Led is yellow-green and brightens up for two seconds then dims for two seconds.

Would having to reconnect after every reboot via the USB restarter prompt mess with it?
I also tried to do the updates in windows safemode, but the App requires directX and a few other processes to even boot…

EDIT: I closed the “frozen” app and then reopenned it and tried again, resulting in a blue screen of death. I then plugged it into my USB 3.0 port and tried again. and the firmware finally updated to 0.14.32

Hello, thank you for contacting us and I am glad you could get the device to update the firmware. Windows 7 does not properly reconnect our serial port, so, in order to reset the connection, you need to allow devcon to reset the connection. We are working on ways to improve the Windows 7 experience, but we recommend Windows 10 and Mac for updating at this time.

For anyone else who might see this, version 0.6.22 is the fallback version of the Morph used for updating. If you see version 0.6.22, make sure to update your Morph or the device will not work as expected.

If you have any other issues, please feel free to let us know or contact us at