Hardware: MeeBlip Geode, Roland SH-01A, Korg Volca Beats

Here’s some maps and guides for using the Morph with some different inexpensive synths. That link takes you to Google Drive where you can see all the files.

I went through all the MIDI specs and picked out some expressive controls for all these devices and mapped them to the Music Production, Buchla Thunder, Drum Pads, and Piano. As a result, there’s a lot of really expressive play in these that you simply can’t get without the Morph.

We use this “tower” in our in-person demos - here’s a quick video example on YouTube.
This zip has all the maps, guides, and a photo.

Links to the synths:
Meeblip Geode
Roland SH-01A
Korg Volca Beats